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Week 4 – Dorm rooms, physical challenges, and writing assignments… oh my!

20141022_183110 On Wennesday night, 10/22/2014, we traveled by police escorted buses to the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial where the class dedicated a wreath for all fallen law enforcement officers. We had the opportunity to stand before the entire class and visitors to announce the name or names of fallen law enforcement officer(s) from our agencies. I had the privilege and honor  to announce Captain Charles "Bo" Harrison's name and end of watch date (June 1, 2003). Many members of the Pasco Sheriff's Office and citizens within Pasco County miss and will NEVER FORGET "Bo". 20141022_184539   toto-i-ve-got-a-feeling-were-not-in-kansas-anymore "Not in Kansas Anymore" challenge proved to be difficult. The course was altered slightly due to the rainy weather (as it does every Wednesday), fairly cold (50 degrees), and windy. We still did the resistance band running and the stairs in the parking garage; however, we replaced one grassy hill for a very steep and long hill within Hogan’s Alley (no pictures allowed). I am having a lot of fun challenging myself during these challenges, in preparation of the Yellow Brick Road. One observation for those of you following this that may someday come to the academy, bring a pair of all black (or as close as you can get to all black) tennis shoes that are comfortable to run in. This saves from having to change out your shoes from classroom to gym. It is not a bad idea to bring two pairs of the same tennis shoes so you can change out of the wet ones and put on the dry ones. Remember to grab a newspaper or two so you can stuff the newspaper in your wet shoes to aide in drying them out (works for me).  I purchased a pair of Asics off of Amazon for under $50.00 – I found them to be an excellent choice and they receive 4.5/5 stars – http://www.amazon.com/ASICS-Mens-Running-Black-Lightning/dp/B00BMLZ1NW/ref=sr_1_1?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1414167306&sr=1-1&keywords=gt1000 In the Managing the Law Enforcement Image Class I had my turn at the stand-up interview with Gail Pennybacker.   interviewpenny Gail told everyone she was “putting in her teeth” before the interview. Let me tell you she did a great job at trying to shake me on camera, but I used her “special sauce” against her and was able to pull through without any missteps. I wish I could have everyone in the entire agency take this class. The class is so informative and confidence inspiring it could help anyone that needs to speak to the public, the media or in front of large groups. Last night, after class, everyone had to move from their dorm room in the Washington Dorm into the newly refurbished Madison Dorms. The move went better than can be expected with over 200 people in motion and two elevators. The management had the foresight to allow the NA students to use the large rolling laundry bins which helped immensely. There were many issues with the new rooms which are all getting worked out and it does seem like progress with those issues will be made swiftly. The new rooms are in essence very similar (same size) to the old dorm rooms just everything is new. The shower actually has a fairly usable shower head and the sinks have shelving around them, which makes it much nicer than the stand alone sinks in the Washington Dorm. Everyone seems very thankful that there is only one more move to go and that is 8 weeks away. nytrip0003 This update is being cut short due to the need to get ready (in between classes) for the New York Trip which puts us in Times Square around 2100 hrs. tonight and we won’t get back until late Sunday night. What you can expect is a ton of pictures and hopefully some really interesting stories. This coming week is going to be dedicated to starting some of the papers that, once finished, will lessen some of the scholastic pressures that are put on many of the NA students (including me). I have really enjoyed the information shared and lively interaction between the leaders within each one of my classes. nytrip0002      

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