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In the beginning….

  FBI - First day FBI Opening2 Upon getting up yesterday morning (I have a bad story about the Hampton Inn Richmond-North/Ashland)  I traveled the rest of the way to the Marine Base Quantico. A trip would not be complete without getting a little turned around, needless to say the Marines on base and the FBI Police are very helpful and will definitely tell you where to go and how to get there. When driving on base there is an almost over whelming feeling of pride. patriotism and motivation. There are signs that you are on an active base such as the occasional live mortar round booming off in the distance, a thousand meter riffle range (not a gun range) just off of the road, and the military style "100% stop" check points prior to entering each section of the base/academy. Upon reaching the FBI Academy buildings there are some enormous (Walt Disney World style) parking lots that were almost completely filled. Seeing so many vehicles and people moving around makes you realize that you have arrived at a very populated and busy place that feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. Upon entering the front doors with my agency identification in hand I was quickly brought to a small room just inside the entryway where they check your identification and provide you with your new FBI identification card and an electronic badge that you must wear at all times while on the grounds. I'll save you full explanations of  the uninteresting administrative day type duties such as choosing and then purchasing (two different events) uniforms. I was able to meet my roommate and new friend Lieutenant/Assistant Chief - William Tapley - Arkansas: Conway Police Department. William, likes to be called "Tap" or "William" and has three children and a wife of 11 years at home. I definitely got lucky having "Tap" as a roommate, he is a good family man who seems to be in the same boat that I'm in... loving being here and missing his family already. The living area is smaller that my old dorm in the now demolished Village Dorms at the University of South Florida. The beds are not as bad as I had heard (or I was really tired last night). The bathroom is a bit of a challenge with four people sharing one shower, one toilet and two sinks. I'm pretty sure that the four high functioning, management level cops can figure this out.  We were advised to begin wearing our new uniforms from this point on from 0730-1700 hrs. We ended the night putting the finishing touches on moving into the dorm room and had a very inspiring and brief welcome meeting from the Unit Chief Michael Harrigan. Tomorrow is another administrative day and I hope to have time to give you more of an update about the grounds and the cafeteria. #PascoProud #GoBulls

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  • Thomas Dougherty October 7, 2014, 10:28 pm

    Sounds like an interesting experience and day. Enjoy it and good luck going through the FBI Academy.

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