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First full weekend and at the academy

This weekend was a blend of  school work and taking some time to get to know the surrounding area. In my Executive Leadership class I completed a paper that isn't due for a couple of weeks and I also nearly completed a paper in the Managing Change class. For dinner on Friday night Tap and I went to the famous Globe and Laurel Restaurant http://www.theglobeandlaurel . I ordered the Semper Fi Steak and Tap had the Prime Rib. We both agreed that the meal was very good and the atmosphere was very enjoyable with U.S. Marine memorabilia through out the restaurant. The Retired Major that owns the restaurant has also assembled a massive Law Enforcement Patch collection. He has mounted the patches to the ceiling of the establishment. On Sunday I kept up with my running regimen and ran another 5k. I must mention the cafeteria food can put weight on you especially the soft serve ice cream. I need to try and eat more healthy while I am here, so I am successful in the intense fitness training that is conducted. 20141011_184703 The picture above is only a small sampling of all the patches that can be found at the Globe and Laurel. On Monday, (Federal Holiday) a group of us traveled to Mt. Vernon and the homestead/estate of George Washington. First, the grounds of the estate are situated directly on top of a bluff/hill right on the Potomac River. There were many flowers and plants that I have never seen before. They grew cuttings of some of the unusual trees and now sell them on site. George Washington acquired the home in 1754 and spent the majority of the rest of his life improving and expanding it into a mansion. The tour of the house (no photographs allowed inside) was very interesting and contained many pieces of furniture and artwork from the 1700's. 20141013_132126 20141013_12442020141013_131305 On Monday, we learned that one of our classmates got promoted to captain of Investigations of the Fishers Police Department in Indiana. Congratulations, Captain Lucas Gannon! He is in the photo below behind the gentleman in the black cap and green jacket on the right hand side. This is a small world, in the Seminar in Media and Managing the Law Enforcement Image course that I am taking Instructor Ken White was a US Marine PIO. He used to supervise Pasco Sheriff's Office PIO Manager Kevin Doll while he was in the US Marine Corps. There is a lieutenant from NYPD in our session who has parents that live in Holiday, Florida (part of District 3). My roommate "Tap" is in the lead for achieving the "blue brick" he is 13 miles into the 34 mile challenge. All attempts to get me to swim 34 miles or even get in the pool failed. grouprunphoto 2014 Ride and Run to Remember - FBINA #258 The National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial in Washington D.C.                                                                                      The National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial   tinman We had our first official challenge called the Tin Man Trot. The trot was a 1.5 mile (really 1.68 but who's counting) run around the FBI complex with hills and rain included. This run was not timed, but it was very motivating to be running with about 220 people. The next challenges are going to be much more interesting. I am really looking forward to Seminar in Media and Managing the Law Enforcement Image to get cranked up. So far we have had some very interesting conversations and we are supposed to learn the "special sauce" (not my words) when dealing with the media. I feel that one of the best pieces of information provided so far is that the media needs heroes. The media truly likes reporting when we as law enforcement officers do a good or great job. "Everyone likes (needs) heroes." In the coming weeks I am going to have the opportunity to get in front of the camera (which is a weakness of mine) and attempt to sharpen my skills when speaking with the media. It was very interesting when one of the greatest newscasters of our time and one of our professors Gail Pennybacker was speaking about her interaction with law enforcement during her 26+ year career. She is known for breaking the Marv Albert case and she did a tremendous job reporting on the Beltway Sniper attacks and the 9/11 attacks. It is an honor to sit in a class with Mrs. Pennybacker and Mr. White giving us a full dose of reality and the unfiltered truth regarding the media and its relationship with law enforcement. As mentioned prior, Ken White got his start in the public information world as a US Marine -Semper Fi. Ken White worked as the Spokesperson for the NSA prior to coming to teach at the FBI/UVA. Can you think of a more fascinating place in the world to be the Spokesperson? kenwhiteKevin White  pennybacker2Gail Pennybacker Today we also had a sign up for the trip to New York and I am happy to say that Tap and I made the cut. The itinerary for New York sounds incredible... beginning, Friday, October 24, we will be staying at the Westin Grand Central. On Saturday, October 25, we will tour One Police Plaza (NYPD Headquarters) to include the Lobby and the Memorial Wall, Joint Operations Center, and the Real Time Crime Center. We are scheduled to have dinner at Carmine's. On Sunday, October 26, we will take a FDNY Boat Tour of New York Harbor, lay a wreath at the 9/11 Memorial, have a private tour of the 9/11 Museum, and visit Freedom Tower. This trip is not actually part of the FBINA experience and is paid for by the attendee. Tonight, 10/15/14, was the "Pin and Patch" night... here is the swag I came away with. I had a very limited amount of our new patches. The people that saw the patch (each and every one) said something like "that's a cool patch" and commented positively very on the "We Fight as One" sewn into the patch. It was a very proud moment to be standing in a huge room with all the other agencies and to be recognized. 20141015_193735 20141015_193713  

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  • Greg October 16, 2014, 12:18 am

    Very informative blog and it’s apparent that you’re maximizing the NA experience….all except the pool. Have a great time in NYC. Aloha.

  • Mike October 16, 2014, 5:22 pm

    Awesome stuff. Great reading what is happening up there. Keep it going.

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