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First day of classes

Hogans_Alley Wednesday 10/8/2014 was first day in our classes. In speaking with a very knowledgeable person and prior NA grad I was warned about taking some of the coursework that I had signed up  for. As I have previously written, I enrolled in 5 Master's level and one mandatory Fitness - Bachelor's level class. I did a quick self assessment and realized that I had not stayed up with the times with regard to computer related crimes and while I know I'm not going to become an expert in forensic computer science, I feel that I need to be able to ask certain questions about computer crime and law enforcement's abilities to solve these crimes. The Pasco Sheriff's Office is investing in training our people and purchasing state of the art hardware to be better at solving and hopefully preventing some computer related crime, the least I can do is understand what our abilities are and be able to speak the lingo on a very basic level. With that assessment I decided to drop one of my Master's level courses and elected to enroll in a Bachelor's level computer crimes course. The good news is that the University of Virginia recognizes the coursework (4 Graduate level classes) so I am still eligible for the a Graduate Certificate. Enough about me, the people here are incredible. We have 26 foreign and and just under 200 domestic students from around our country. It was amazing listening to all of the introductions from people all over the world. Many of them had life experiences that were fascinating, almost all spoke of their families, their careers and life goals or ambitions. I really enjoyed talking about my family and how much they support my career and me attending this academy. Without them and their full support I would not be the person I am today. Some of the quotes, thoughts and comments that were shared in today's classes made me think. I did not confirm with the instructors if these were original quotes, but they certainly weren't mine. Today's classes were taught by, Ken Kilbride: Executive Leadership, Beth Coleman - Psychology of Leadership and Steve Moore - Computer Crimes. "Leadership without a plan is a nightmare".

"The more you learn the more you realize you need to learn more"

"We are not drinking the kool-aide we have just refused to drink the vinegar"

"We are here to try and understand what goes on in the leader's head and at the same time what goes on in the people were are leading's head and how to get things done understanding both."

In the Executive Leadership class we were provided an article to read, "The Work of Leadership". I really like the article and I think you would too. If you are interested you can download a copy of it here:


Some of the really interesting ideas in the article are: "Solutions to adaptive challenges reside not in the executive suite but in the collective intelligence of employees at all levels.", "Leaders have to provide cover to employees who point to the internal contradictions of the enterprise." and "Leaders do not need to know all the answers. They need to ask the right questions".

The approximate 220 students were broken into 6 sections (under 40 each). The sections meet during the week in homeroom and during challenge days.

We also had our first physical assessment. This one was easy. I did not do as well as I would have like to with the push-ups. There are cadence push-ups and not your normal "arm flailing" kind that you see at the PAT (physical assessment test) back at home. Needless to say the 27 reps that I hammered out wasn't great, but we are here to improve and ability and rank were checked at the door on day one. I haven't been 100% since getting here and my mile run showed it. I came in 5th in my group with a time of 7:15 minutes. I'm hoping I feel better for the 2014 Run to Remember on Saturday. Saturday morning is supposed to be cold (Florida standards) at around 50 degrees and raining. I look forward at representing the Pasco Sheriff's Office and running in memory of Captain Charles Bo Harrison who was murdered in the line of duty on June 1, 2003.


This is the pool where we have some of our classmates that are attempting the 11 week - 34 mile swim challenge for their "Blue Brick". This is also used by our American Heroes - The United States Marines. Notice the "training" M16s hanging on the wall.


"Tap" (the name my roommate goes by) and I are signed up for the first of three offerings to tour the Holocaust Museum on October 18. Every member of the Session will attend one of the three offerings. We were advised that the trip to New York will be on October 25-26 and the trip to Philadelphia will be on November 8-9. If you are reading this and wondering how much the trips are email me for the exact amount (amounts do change from year to year).

Tomorrow will be the first day for the Seminar in Media and Managing the Law Enforcement Image and Managing Organizational Change and Development. I will have my second class in Executive Leadership and the Fitness Course. I hear the Friday fitness classes are pretty intense and most people are very glad that they have the weekend to recover. I' m going to start working on some of the papers that are due during my down time between now and Sunday night. I will provide an update with a bunch of photographs of the 2014 Run to Remember on Saturday morning. If you are interested to find out more about the ride and run and our team --->

click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB-lHg-T1oc

As of the Thursday evening before the race we were in first place in donations We have even surpassed the Police Unity Tour's donations. All the glory goes to our fallen. If you are reading this blog and are interested in donating to the NLEOMF - National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund please click here:


or if you'd like to donate directly to our team (via me) click here:


One last thing, today was picture day. We all put our suits on and walked over to the forum, where the FBI holds graduation, and had both a head shot and a Section photograph taken.

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  • Kevin Doll October 11, 2014, 12:57 pm

    Hope you did well on the Run to Remember. And take a lot of photos during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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