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Media Class and the FBI Director James Comey

direcotcomey In our Media class (homework) we had the opportunity to review the 60 Minutes interviews with Director James Comey. I took away two points to the review. The first thing I took away was how calm, collected, direct and believable he is. The second thing was how the information he provided was on point, highly interesting, and self-focused (he controlled the pace and information sharing). If you don’t watch the interviews very closely you would totally miss how he really handles questions. Director Comey is able to disarm some questions that could have been volatile, while at the same time making you feel comfortable with his response. Director Comey also has a great sense of humor. It seems as though our president made an excellent pick when he made James Comey the Director of the FBI.  If you are interested in watching the interview click here -  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/fbi-director-james-comey-on-threat-of-isis-cybercrime/  

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