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New York Trip – Bite of the Big Apple – FBINA #258

YourPhotoYourPhoto (6)YourPhoto (3)YourPhoto (1)20141026_16002720141026_15554520141026_154529 20141026_144401 20141026_144329 20141026_144236 20141026_14422820141026_144210 20141026_143311 20141026_142601 20141026_142556 20141026_141709 20141026_141653 20141026_141635 20141026_141548 20141026_141244 20141026_141148 20141026_133826 20141026_132738 20141026_131546 20141026_120106 20141026_11593120141026_114256 20141026_113619 20141026_104306 20141026_104208 20141026_085913 20141026_090441 20141025_205329 20141025_184814 20141025_175043 20141025_165100 20141025_165031 20141025_153657 20141025_153644 20141025_153640 20141025_153554 20141025_152413 20141025_151929 20141025_150700 20141025_150518 20141025_150157 20141025_150000 20141025_130637 20141025_130157 20141025_115032 20141025_11333020141024_235600 20141025_112439 20141025_083540 20141025_080315   On Friday night, 10/24/2014, at around 1530 hrs., 112 members of the FBINA #258 plied into two buses took what turned out to be a very long bus ride to the Westin Grand Central which is located below the Chrysler Building and very close to Grand Central Station. We arrived around 2330 hrs. and were quickly provided our room keys. Tap and I shared a room on the 24th floor. We dropped our bags and went to Times Square. It was abnormally quiet and there was plenty of room to walk around and see the sights. We did not stay out too late because there was plenty to do all day on Saturday. On Saturday, 10/25/2014, we all rode through Brooklyn to get to the NYPD Special Operations Division. Once at the NYPD Hangar we were welcomed by Deputy Inspector/Piolt James Coan who is the Commanding Officer of the Aviation Unit. Deputy Inspector Coan provided us with little known information with reference to how his unit and other units keep New York safe. It was amazing to hear about the technology and tactics that keep terrorists at bay and our county safe. While at the hangar many of their specialty units provided demonstrations that impressed the most tenured law enforcement officers that were present. We were able to interact with the NYPD K9 Unit, Mounted Patrol, Emergency Service Unit, Aviation Unit, and the Dive Team. The Dive Team and the Aviation (Air Rescue) teams put on a dynamic rescue demonstration for us. We all were highly impressed with how highly trained and exceptionally equipped the members of the NYPD units were. We then traveled to One Police Plaza and were welcomed by Sergeant Kevin C. Lonergan who spoke to us about the NYPD Joint Operations Center. It seems we are doing many of the same crime fighting and intelligence work that the Pasco Sheriff’s Office currently does with a few tricks up their sleeves. It is amazing to see the technological advancements in crime fighting at work “real time”. We were also provided a tour of the Real Time Crime Center which is also filled with the newest and best technology. It is amazing how much more advanced New York is when it comes to their surveillance abilities and their ability to instantly begin a proactive investigation with regard to persons and things. Here is a link to the 60 Minutes story about the Real Time Crime Center ---  http://www.activu.com/nypd-real-time-crime-center/ We also got tour the enormous Compstat Room where Commanders get grilled by the Executive Staff of the agency. We were provided stories about what occurs during the Compstat meetings and how law enforcement officers at the Commander level are held accountable for the crime fighting and general public safety efforts within their areas of responsibility. You literality could feel the tension in the room as we sat there and looked around at all the chairs and utter vastness of the room itself. We were also shown a relatively short NYPD promo video about the different specialty units that function within the city. After our time at One Police Plaza we took the long bus ride back to the hotel. We were lucky enough to make plans to go up to the top of 30 Rock after dinner. As you can see we were able to get in a lot of walking and site seeing. We met the entire group at Carmine’s in Times Square for dinner. I must say Carmine’s definitely knows how to hit the ball out of the park when it comes making Italian food. During the meal we were visited by the NYPD Pipes and Drums - http://www.nypdpipesanddrums.com/ . They put on quite a show for our group and stuck around for pictures and shared in our good times. I will try to post the Pipes and Drums video that was taken at the dinner to this blog. After as small group of us were able to get to the Top of the Rock. The views from the top are breathtaking and if you ever find yourself in NYC and want to see the best views I highly suggest you travel to the Top of the Rock. While on the roof we all noticed the newest and highest skyscraper and world’s tallest residential building that is still under construction. The new building is named Nordstrom Tower and will span 1,775 feet into the air. On Sunday, October 26, 2014, the group travelled to New York Harbor and had the opportunity to board onto FDNY Marine One --- http://marine1fdny.com/ and take a tour of New York Harbor. We saw all the sites to include, Ellis Island, the Statute of Liberty, the NY Skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, the extremely busy NY helipad, and water taxi areas. As you can see by the many pictures I took, the views were incredible and everyone (including the NYPD Lieutenant and Sergeant who put the tour together) thought it was one of those once in a lifetime moments to see NYC and the Harbor from one of the most awesome fireboats ever built (it was built in North Florida). After the boat tour we travelled to the 9/11 memorial and museum. Once at the memorial we along with the NYPD Honor Guard had a brief ceremony under the Survivor Tree --- http://www.911memorial.org/blog/survivor-tree-withstood-911-attacks-returns-wtc-grow-memorial-plaza-update-x3 . I had been to the memorial before and many others have seen pictures and videos of the memorial before arriving. As we walked around the twin reflecting pools with the names of the victims (1993 and 2001) inscribed in bronze panels surrounding the tops of the pools you could feel the anguish and distain for what occurred (the terrorist attacks of 1993 and 2001). The tour of the museum was absolutely gut-wrenching and I had mixed emotions of anger and sadness. I could not imagine anyone that had any direct interaction with any aspect of the terror attack (2001) being able to make it through the entire exhibit (especially the part that no photographs or video are allowed in). The area of the exhibit where actual recordings of people in the towers leaving recorded messages to their loved ones and audio of people who survived but watched others perish in horrific fashion was one of the most emotionally gripping exhibits I have ever seen. I want to take this time to thank NYPD Lieutenant Janna Salisbury and Sergeant Gregory Accomando for putting together an excellent experience that touched on so many law enforcement and public safety issues and all stressed the need for communication and partnerships to keep the United States safe. The New York Trip is a must do if you have the opportunity. I look forward to the Philadelphia trip in two weeks where we will be there to learn all about the Philly PD.
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20141022_183110 On Wennesday night, 10/22/2014, we traveled by police escorted buses to the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial where the class dedicated a wreath for all fallen law enforcement officers. We had the opportunity to stand before the entire class and visitors to announce the name or names of fallen law enforcement officer(s) from our agencies. I had the privilege and honor  to announce Captain Charles "Bo" Harrison's name and end of watch date (June 1, 2003). Many members of the Pasco Sheriff's Office and citizens within Pasco County miss and will NEVER FORGET "Bo". 20141022_184539   toto-i-ve-got-a-feeling-were-not-in-kansas-anymore "Not in Kansas Anymore" challenge proved to be difficult. The course was altered slightly due to the rainy weather (as it does every Wednesday), fairly cold (50 degrees), and windy. We still did the resistance band running and the stairs in the parking garage; however, we replaced one grassy hill for a very steep and long hill within Hogan’s Alley (no pictures allowed). I am having a lot of fun challenging myself during these challenges, in preparation of the Yellow Brick Road. One observation for those of you following this that may someday come to the academy, bring a pair of all black (or as close as you can get to all black) tennis shoes that are comfortable to run in. This saves from having to change out your shoes from classroom to gym. It is not a bad idea to bring two pairs of the same tennis shoes so you can change out of the wet ones and put on the dry ones. Remember to grab a newspaper or two so you can stuff the newspaper in your wet shoes to aide in drying them out (works for me).  I purchased a pair of Asics off of Amazon for under $50.00 – I found them to be an excellent choice and they receive 4.5/5 stars – http://www.amazon.com/ASICS-Mens-Running-Black-Lightning/dp/B00BMLZ1NW/ref=sr_1_1?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1414167306&sr=1-1&keywords=gt1000 In the Managing the Law Enforcement Image Class I had my turn at the stand-up interview with Gail Pennybacker.   interviewpenny Gail told everyone she was “putting in her teeth” before the interview. Let me tell you she did a great job at trying to shake me on camera, but I used her “special sauce” against her and was able to pull through without any missteps. I wish I could have everyone in the entire agency take this class. The class is so informative and confidence inspiring it could help anyone that needs to speak to the public, the media or in front of large groups. Last night, after class, everyone had to move from their dorm room in the Washington Dorm into the newly refurbished Madison Dorms. The move went better than can be expected with over 200 people in motion and two elevators. The management had the foresight to allow the NA students to use the large rolling laundry bins which helped immensely. There were many issues with the new rooms which are all getting worked out and it does seem like progress with those issues will be made swiftly. The new rooms are in essence very similar (same size) to the old dorm rooms just everything is new. The shower actually has a fairly usable shower head and the sinks have shelving around them, which makes it much nicer than the stand alone sinks in the Washington Dorm. Everyone seems very thankful that there is only one more move to go and that is 8 weeks away. nytrip0003 This update is being cut short due to the need to get ready (in between classes) for the New York Trip which puts us in Times Square around 2100 hrs. tonight and we won’t get back until late Sunday night. What you can expect is a ton of pictures and hopefully some really interesting stories. This coming week is going to be dedicated to starting some of the papers that, once finished, will lessen some of the scholastic pressures that are put on many of the NA students (including me). I have really enjoyed the information shared and lively interaction between the leaders within each one of my classes. nytrip0002      

Week 3 is rolling right along….

20141019_155901 (1) 20141019_155848   On Sunday, October 19, 2014, Tap and I met with Lieutenant Dan Harrington at the Metropolitan Police Department’s Harbor Patrol Unit. We went on a tour of the backside of the memorials via the Potomac River. I was surprised at how brown the water was; however, the area was absolutely beautiful as you will see in the photographs. 20141019_150347 20141019_151538 This week is will be a full week of classes and another extreme physical challenge “Not in Kansas Anymore” on Wednesday. Yesterday E.J. built upon the insanity workout from our last P.T. Have you ever heard of an “inch worm”? See video here -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic0OW8YXNp4 The inchworm pushup is used as a warm up, better known as a “dynamic” warm up technique. To me this form of torture is all dynamic and there is nothing warm up about it. The inchworm is only one of the many warm ups and exercises that we go through during our P.T. classes. Tomorrow morning it is supposed to be 50 degrees with a 15-25 mile-an-hour wind and rain. We will be expected to run up a steep hill and bear crawl down and then crab walk up the hill and run down. We will be dealing with the hill for 10 minutes without rest then we will be expected to run (blasting up) the stairs of a parking garage and down the other side. The parking garage event will also be for 10 minutes without stopping. The last event will take place on the infield of the track and involve a resistance band run with our partner supplying the resistance. This is also an 10 minute exercise without rest. I will let you know how things go tomorrow. In media class today we conducted standup media interviews with very little prep. I realized that we have some excellent speakers who can get their thoughts organized in a moment’s notice. I will be one of the first people up for the second wave of interviews. I must say I am a little anxious especially because the instructors take very little mercy and try to see what you are made of. I think this experience and the on the spot interviews will be some of the most interesting and fun parts of this entire program. Kevin and Gail are providing us the necessary tools and confidence to be able to respond to the harshest questions dished out by any news reporter. Today, October 21, 2014, we had a guest speaker in our Psychology of Leader Leadership class. Dr. Ron Smith came to speak to us a little bit about PTSD however, he really spoke more about life in general and especially the life of someone who is in an “impossible profession”. He had a bunch of ideas and quotes from Freud, Shopenhauer, Wittgenstien, Jung, and Shaw. Dr. Smith has helped many people in his 40+ year career. It was very easy for him to convey fairly complex ideas, so that everyone could understand the topic. I found myself so interested in many of the points and topics he brought up that I couldn't wait to conduct internet research to learn more. One such topic that was reviewed was that of Yalom Existential Psychotherapy. If you are interested in learning more about what was reviewed in class today click here http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evil-deeds/201101/what-is-existential-psychotherapy

October 18, 2014 – Holocaust Museum Tour.

20141018_090138 On October, 18, 2014, two full buses (about 100 students) arrived at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. at 0900 hrs. We were welcomed and were provided a briefing on what we were about to see. We were further provided a history lesson with an eye-opening back story that most people who attend the museum would never identify with the way this group (or any group) of law enforcement officers would. Photography within the museum is almost entirely banned. Our tour guide took a group of nine of us on a time line style tour. The tour was thought provoking on many levels. It is unbelievable that one human could so masterfully take over the hearts and minds of so many people, while many others stood by and either ignored the gruesome and inhumane acts or were in total disbelief of what was happening. There lies the incorporation of law enforcement of the time. An almost hidden theme throughout the tour was that "normally good people" (especially law enforcement) stood by and allowed the genocide to occur. One of the most striking photographs (that did not directly involve death and suffering) during the tour was that of a what appears to be a German Jewish Police Officer helping the Nazi's direct victims who appear to be standing in line or traveling to a location on foot. Upon searching on-line I found that some of those photographs may have been intentionally staged by the Nazi's (negative propaganda). Here is one such photograph.


There are a lot of terrifying exhibits within the museum. The actual full size (death camp) box car elicited an intense eerie feeling as I walked though it to get to the other side of the exhibit. There is also a miniature (cut-a-way) version of an entire death camp. There is no way for me to describe the majority of the exhibits/recreations within the museum because they are beyond most peoples grasp of understanding (including mine)without the visual impact. The museum curator has done a tremendous job of weaving together the story of how the holocaust was able to happen and the accurate history of what occurred and who stood by, collaborated, and took lead roles, in nearly wiping out the Jewish people.

The best quote to sum up the experience and general feeling I had at the end of the tour, which is actually on one of the walls of the museum, is:

"First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out- because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out- because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out- because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me- and there was no one left to speak for me." - by Matin Niemoller who according to www.ushmm.org (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was a German theologian and pastor who originally supported the Nazi's in Germany and later was sent to prison for his opposition of the Nazi party. If you are interested in learning more about the Holocaust or the United States Holocaust Museum click on this link http://www.ushmm.org  


Washington Monument from the Holocaust Museum


Week two – Things are zipping right along.

20141006_141951 Week two is in the books nine to go. Things move very quickly here at the academy. As mentioned earlier, E.J. O’Malley is Group #4’s (the group Tap and I are in) health and fitness instructor. I could write a very long entry to explain to you how much I appreciate everything he does for law enforcement and the students he trains. E.J. does not workout he trains. Needless to say, I am giving it my all and then some. I figure if this man that I just met is inspired enough to come to work every day to make me a better machine I might as well take these 11-weeks (not 10) to do my best. Within this blog, I attempt to give you small golden nuggets from my experiences. I could go into how I have been introduced to gym machines that I have never seen before and I am relatively certain you have not seen either, after all this is the FBI. I’d rather tell you about some of the awesome experiences and people like E.J. O’Malley. Please take the time to watch the two-minute video (middle of page) about the FBI physical experience and E.J. http://www.federalnewsradio.com/490/2805102/FBI-fitness-instructor-guides-students-down-the-Yellow-Brick-Road E.J.                                         Photo By Michael O'Connell- www.Federalnewsradio.com   FBI_hacking In our computer investigations course we learned a lot about files and some really interesting things about the functions within Windows. I’m not going into detail about forensic investigations, but I can say that I have learned some things that, in turn, have made me realize how much more there is to learn. We should have our syllabus by Monday (Oct 20) so I will fill you in more then. Here are some interesting tid-bits of information from week two: Managers focus on “the how and the when”. Leaders focus on “the what and the why’. Managers focus on "doing things right". Leaders focus on "doing the right thing". The four “I’s” of Transactional leadership are; Idealized Influence, Inspirational Motivation, Intellectual Stimulation, and Individualized Consideration. If you would like to learn more about the 4 “I’s” of Transactional Leadership click this link http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/pdffiles/hr/hr02000.pdf Be a transformational leader, “with people being our greatest resource it is our responsibility to create strong leaders.” – me I need to focus on blending servant and transformational leadership qualities and stay away from transactional leadership/transactional leadership qualities. Today in class Ken Kilbride stated, “Change if done correctly brings more change” – That one made me smile and reflect on the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. It appears as though change is being done correctly. I will be providing an update on the media class over the weekend.... this is a set in the MTV room. 20141017_144431

Media Class and the FBI Director James Comey

direcotcomey In our Media class (homework) we had the opportunity to review the 60 Minutes interviews with Director James Comey. I took away two points to the review. The first thing I took away was how calm, collected, direct and believable he is. The second thing was how the information he provided was on point, highly interesting, and self-focused (he controlled the pace and information sharing). If you don’t watch the interviews very closely you would totally miss how he really handles questions. Director Comey is able to disarm some questions that could have been volatile, while at the same time making you feel comfortable with his response. Director Comey also has a great sense of humor. It seems as though our president made an excellent pick when he made James Comey the Director of the FBI.  If you are interested in watching the interview click here -  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/fbi-director-james-comey-on-threat-of-isis-cybercrime/  
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First full weekend and at the academy

This weekend was a blend of  school work and taking some time to get to know the surrounding area. In my Executive Leadership class I completed a paper that isn't due for a couple of weeks and I also nearly completed a paper in the Managing Change class. For dinner on Friday night Tap and I went to the famous Globe and Laurel Restaurant http://www.theglobeandlaurel . I ordered the Semper Fi Steak and Tap had the Prime Rib. We both agreed that the meal was very good and the atmosphere was very enjoyable with U.S. Marine memorabilia through out the restaurant. The Retired Major that owns the restaurant has also assembled a massive Law Enforcement Patch collection. He has mounted the patches to the ceiling of the establishment. On Sunday I kept up with my running regimen and ran another 5k. I must mention the cafeteria food can put weight on you especially the soft serve ice cream. I need to try and eat more healthy while I am here, so I am successful in the intense fitness training that is conducted. 20141011_184703 The picture above is only a small sampling of all the patches that can be found at the Globe and Laurel. On Monday, (Federal Holiday) a group of us traveled to Mt. Vernon and the homestead/estate of George Washington. First, the grounds of the estate are situated directly on top of a bluff/hill right on the Potomac River. There were many flowers and plants that I have never seen before. They grew cuttings of some of the unusual trees and now sell them on site. George Washington acquired the home in 1754 and spent the majority of the rest of his life improving and expanding it into a mansion. The tour of the house (no photographs allowed inside) was very interesting and contained many pieces of furniture and artwork from the 1700's. 20141013_132126 20141013_12442020141013_131305 On Monday, we learned that one of our classmates got promoted to captain of Investigations of the Fishers Police Department in Indiana. Congratulations, Captain Lucas Gannon! He is in the photo below behind the gentleman in the black cap and green jacket on the right hand side. This is a small world, in the Seminar in Media and Managing the Law Enforcement Image course that I am taking Instructor Ken White was a US Marine PIO. He used to supervise Pasco Sheriff's Office PIO Manager Kevin Doll while he was in the US Marine Corps. There is a lieutenant from NYPD in our session who has parents that live in Holiday, Florida (part of District 3). My roommate "Tap" is in the lead for achieving the "blue brick" he is 13 miles into the 34 mile challenge. All attempts to get me to swim 34 miles or even get in the pool failed. grouprunphoto 2014 Ride and Run to Remember - FBINA #258 The National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial in Washington D.C.                                                                                      The National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial   tinman We had our first official challenge called the Tin Man Trot. The trot was a 1.5 mile (really 1.68 but who's counting) run around the FBI complex with hills and rain included. This run was not timed, but it was very motivating to be running with about 220 people. The next challenges are going to be much more interesting. I am really looking forward to Seminar in Media and Managing the Law Enforcement Image to get cranked up. So far we have had some very interesting conversations and we are supposed to learn the "special sauce" (not my words) when dealing with the media. I feel that one of the best pieces of information provided so far is that the media needs heroes. The media truly likes reporting when we as law enforcement officers do a good or great job. "Everyone likes (needs) heroes." In the coming weeks I am going to have the opportunity to get in front of the camera (which is a weakness of mine) and attempt to sharpen my skills when speaking with the media. It was very interesting when one of the greatest newscasters of our time and one of our professors Gail Pennybacker was speaking about her interaction with law enforcement during her 26+ year career. She is known for breaking the Marv Albert case and she did a tremendous job reporting on the Beltway Sniper attacks and the 9/11 attacks. It is an honor to sit in a class with Mrs. Pennybacker and Mr. White giving us a full dose of reality and the unfiltered truth regarding the media and its relationship with law enforcement. As mentioned prior, Ken White got his start in the public information world as a US Marine -Semper Fi. Ken White worked as the Spokesperson for the NSA prior to coming to teach at the FBI/UVA. Can you think of a more fascinating place in the world to be the Spokesperson? kenwhiteKevin White  pennybacker2Gail Pennybacker Today we also had a sign up for the trip to New York and I am happy to say that Tap and I made the cut. The itinerary for New York sounds incredible... beginning, Friday, October 24, we will be staying at the Westin Grand Central. On Saturday, October 25, we will tour One Police Plaza (NYPD Headquarters) to include the Lobby and the Memorial Wall, Joint Operations Center, and the Real Time Crime Center. We are scheduled to have dinner at Carmine's. On Sunday, October 26, we will take a FDNY Boat Tour of New York Harbor, lay a wreath at the 9/11 Memorial, have a private tour of the 9/11 Museum, and visit Freedom Tower. This trip is not actually part of the FBINA experience and is paid for by the attendee. Tonight, 10/15/14, was the "Pin and Patch" night... here is the swag I came away with. I had a very limited amount of our new patches. The people that saw the patch (each and every one) said something like "that's a cool patch" and commented positively very on the "We Fight as One" sewn into the patch. It was a very proud moment to be standing in a huge room with all the other agencies and to be recognized. 20141015_193735 20141015_193713  

Week One is now done….

20141011_074316 (1)     ????????????? Today started with a very cold (Florida standards) 50 degree morning. Thirty-five of us piled into a couple academy vans and personal vehicles and traveled for about an hour to get to the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial. The rain went from a light drizzle to a steady rain (with some wind) while we were waiting for the 0800 hrs. start of the race. We were all wearing our academy shirt and shorts. I also had the previously mentioned photograph of Captain Charles Bo Harrison proudly displayed on the front of my shirt. I had a lot of people ask me about Bo and I was able to explain to them how great of a man he was and how much he meant to the community. I also told them how he was killed and that he was less than a month from retirement after serving the citizens of Pasco County for 31 years. My hope is that his memory never fades and people are constantly reminded of the sacrifices that are made everyday so we can live in a safe and free society. The race began at 0800 hrs. sharp and the "splashfest" was on and it began to rain harder. I stuck with my pod-mate, Lieutenant Dan Harrington of the Washington D.C. Police Department (he came in first in his age group and 10th overall) for about 3/4 of a mile and his pace was too much for me to handle. As we ran through the streets of Washington D.C. we were graced with sights of the Capitol Building (that was still being refurbished), the Washington Monument, and different Smithsonian buildings. The D.C. Police and race volunteers were very motivating from the sides of the roadway. As I ran, I noticed other runners with body markings identifying who they were running for. The run was definitely celebration of sacrifice and at the same time you could tell that many of the runners were reflecting on the reason why they were running.  Shortly after the two mile point, I noticed something that I don't often see in Florida, a hill. Who would have thought there would be a hill around the area of the Capitol (pun intended, I'm here all week)? Needless to say, the rain, hills and wind took their toll on many of us. Even with running a lousy 25:38 (73rd out of  274 runners) I was proud to have the ability to ensure that Bo and all of our heroes that lost their lives are NEVER FORGOTTEN. 20141011_084308    

First day of classes

Hogans_Alley Wednesday 10/8/2014 was first day in our classes. In speaking with a very knowledgeable person and prior NA grad I was warned about taking some of the coursework that I had signed up  for. As I have previously written, I enrolled in 5 Master's level and one mandatory Fitness - Bachelor's level class. I did a quick self assessment and realized that I had not stayed up with the times with regard to computer related crimes and while I know I'm not going to become an expert in forensic computer science, I feel that I need to be able to ask certain questions about computer crime and law enforcement's abilities to solve these crimes. The Pasco Sheriff's Office is investing in training our people and purchasing state of the art hardware to be better at solving and hopefully preventing some computer related crime, the least I can do is understand what our abilities are and be able to speak the lingo on a very basic level. With that assessment I decided to drop one of my Master's level courses and elected to enroll in a Bachelor's level computer crimes course. The good news is that the University of Virginia recognizes the coursework (4 Graduate level classes) so I am still eligible for the a Graduate Certificate. Enough about me, the people here are incredible. We have 26 foreign and and just under 200 domestic students from around our country. It was amazing listening to all of the introductions from people all over the world. Many of them had life experiences that were fascinating, almost all spoke of their families, their careers and life goals or ambitions. I really enjoyed talking about my family and how much they support my career and me attending this academy. Without them and their full support I would not be the person I am today. Some of the quotes, thoughts and comments that were shared in today's classes made me think. I did not confirm with the instructors if these were original quotes, but they certainly weren't mine. Today's classes were taught by, Ken Kilbride: Executive Leadership, Beth Coleman - Psychology of Leadership and Steve Moore - Computer Crimes. "Leadership without a plan is a nightmare".

"The more you learn the more you realize you need to learn more"

"We are not drinking the kool-aide we have just refused to drink the vinegar"

"We are here to try and understand what goes on in the leader's head and at the same time what goes on in the people were are leading's head and how to get things done understanding both."

In the Executive Leadership class we were provided an article to read, "The Work of Leadership". I really like the article and I think you would too. If you are interested you can download a copy of it here:


Some of the really interesting ideas in the article are: "Solutions to adaptive challenges reside not in the executive suite but in the collective intelligence of employees at all levels.", "Leaders have to provide cover to employees who point to the internal contradictions of the enterprise." and "Leaders do not need to know all the answers. They need to ask the right questions".

The approximate 220 students were broken into 6 sections (under 40 each). The sections meet during the week in homeroom and during challenge days.

We also had our first physical assessment. This one was easy. I did not do as well as I would have like to with the push-ups. There are cadence push-ups and not your normal "arm flailing" kind that you see at the PAT (physical assessment test) back at home. Needless to say the 27 reps that I hammered out wasn't great, but we are here to improve and ability and rank were checked at the door on day one. I haven't been 100% since getting here and my mile run showed it. I came in 5th in my group with a time of 7:15 minutes. I'm hoping I feel better for the 2014 Run to Remember on Saturday. Saturday morning is supposed to be cold (Florida standards) at around 50 degrees and raining. I look forward at representing the Pasco Sheriff's Office and running in memory of Captain Charles Bo Harrison who was murdered in the line of duty on June 1, 2003.


This is the pool where we have some of our classmates that are attempting the 11 week - 34 mile swim challenge for their "Blue Brick". This is also used by our American Heroes - The United States Marines. Notice the "training" M16s hanging on the wall.


"Tap" (the name my roommate goes by) and I are signed up for the first of three offerings to tour the Holocaust Museum on October 18. Every member of the Session will attend one of the three offerings. We were advised that the trip to New York will be on October 25-26 and the trip to Philadelphia will be on November 8-9. If you are reading this and wondering how much the trips are email me for the exact amount (amounts do change from year to year).

Tomorrow will be the first day for the Seminar in Media and Managing the Law Enforcement Image and Managing Organizational Change and Development. I will have my second class in Executive Leadership and the Fitness Course. I hear the Friday fitness classes are pretty intense and most people are very glad that they have the weekend to recover. I' m going to start working on some of the papers that are due during my down time between now and Sunday night. I will provide an update with a bunch of photographs of the 2014 Run to Remember on Saturday morning. If you are interested to find out more about the ride and run and our team --->

click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB-lHg-T1oc

As of the Thursday evening before the race we were in first place in donations We have even surpassed the Police Unity Tour's donations. All the glory goes to our fallen. If you are reading this blog and are interested in donating to the NLEOMF - National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund please click here:


or if you'd like to donate directly to our team (via me) click here:


One last thing, today was picture day. We all put our suits on and walked over to the forum, where the FBI holds graduation, and had both a head shot and a Section photograph taken.

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In the beginning….

  FBI - First day FBI Opening2 Upon getting up yesterday morning (I have a bad story about the Hampton Inn Richmond-North/Ashland)  I traveled the rest of the way to the Marine Base Quantico. A trip would not be complete without getting a little turned around, needless to say the Marines on base and the FBI Police are very helpful and will definitely tell you where to go and how to get there. When driving on base there is an almost over whelming feeling of pride. patriotism and motivation. There are signs that you are on an active base such as the occasional live mortar round booming off in the distance, a thousand meter riffle range (not a gun range) just off of the road, and the military style "100% stop" check points prior to entering each section of the base/academy. Upon reaching the FBI Academy buildings there are some enormous (Walt Disney World style) parking lots that were almost completely filled. Seeing so many vehicles and people moving around makes you realize that you have arrived at a very populated and busy place that feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. Upon entering the front doors with my agency identification in hand I was quickly brought to a small room just inside the entryway where they check your identification and provide you with your new FBI identification card and an electronic badge that you must wear at all times while on the grounds. I'll save you full explanations of  the uninteresting administrative day type duties such as choosing and then purchasing (two different events) uniforms. I was able to meet my roommate and new friend Lieutenant/Assistant Chief - William Tapley - Arkansas: Conway Police Department. William, likes to be called "Tap" or "William" and has three children and a wife of 11 years at home. I definitely got lucky having "Tap" as a roommate, he is a good family man who seems to be in the same boat that I'm in... loving being here and missing his family already. The living area is smaller that my old dorm in the now demolished Village Dorms at the University of South Florida. The beds are not as bad as I had heard (or I was really tired last night). The bathroom is a bit of a challenge with four people sharing one shower, one toilet and two sinks. I'm pretty sure that the four high functioning, management level cops can figure this out.  We were advised to begin wearing our new uniforms from this point on from 0730-1700 hrs. We ended the night putting the finishing touches on moving into the dorm room and had a very inspiring and brief welcome meeting from the Unit Chief Michael Harrigan. Tomorrow is another administrative day and I hope to have time to give you more of an update about the grounds and the cafeteria. #PascoProud #GoBulls
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